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2015 Liquor HandbookUnsure about purchasing the 2015 edition of the Liquor Handbook? We understand, which is why we put a few slides together that provide a glimpse as to the type of information contained in the handbook. Last year’s addition of 3.1 million 9-liter cases advanced the distilled spirits industry for the 18th consecutive year but that growth rate was less than years prior. Why? The industry is going through somewhat of a transformation in regard to consumption trends.

Years ago, the brands with the largest share of the market were typically the brands contributing the most cases to the industry, but that is no longer true when examining the 2014 results. The ‘long tail’ theory is in effect in that as more brands enter the industry, the growth eventually comes from the ‘long tail’ (brand of lesser volumes) rather than the ‘head’ (major brands). Collectively, the top five brands in the industry held a 15.0% share of the market in 2014 with an average growth rate of -1.7%. These brands lost a combined 563,000 9-liter cases last year. Furthermore, their share of the market went from 15.5% in 2013 to 15.0% last year, solidifying the notion that the growth is no longer coming from the ‘head.’

At the category level, consumers’ interest in brown spirits, especially straights and Bourbons, has been increasing while the vodka and rum categories struggle to achieve gains. Being that these domestic whiskeys are seen as heritage-filled and authentic — both traits that play directly into the purchasing prerequisites of today’s consumers — they are not only expanding their core consumer base, but the gentler-flavored offerings are also bringing new consumers into the category.

All of these dynamics only scratch the surface as to what is included in our Liquor Handbook, which is tailored to answer any important beverage alcohol related questions.  Find out by ordering today.

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