OnTrac Verifies Brand Usage On-Premise

The on-premise market is constantly changing, with shifting consumer preferences and high turnover impacting the industry. Brands wondering whether their marketing plans are being executed in on-premise locations have turned to OnTrac from The Beverage Information & Insight Group, to measure the effectiveness of their branding programs.

“The service really provides a read of what the consumer sees when they walk into a bar or restaurant,” says Marybeth Came, Director of Client Services at BIIG. “In addition to collecting information about stocking, average drink price, number of tap handles, backbar merchandising and the like, we can also execute on a deeper level.”

Those general statistics are available as part of OnTrac’s annual syndicated studies, but BIIG also offers custom studies to clients with specific needs.

“We’ve tracked mixology training programs to ensure that bartenders were preparing drinks a certain way, signature drink appearances on menus, and bartender recommendations- and more,” Came says. “Sending someone into a bar to observe, question and record data points gives brand managers the next level of data they need to make decisions.”

One of the most difficult aspects of the beverage industry for brands to track is the disparity between what’s on an establishment’s menu and how drinks are actually being served. That goes both ways for brands – often they’re listed on the menu but substituted out by bartenders, and just as often their brand is being used but they have no way of knowing because it’s not listed on the menu.

OnTrac addresses that problem through Bartender Surveys, where people visit the bar, order a drink and ask the bartender about what’s in it and why they used certain ingredients and brands.

“So much rests on the bartender making the drink,” Came says. “Training programs are only as effective as their execution. There’s no better way to see whether an on-premise program is working than to observe it first-hand.”

Some examples of data tables created for past OnTrac clients can be found below. The first details KPIs collected for an entire portfolio, detailing whether the brands were stocked on the backbar. The second shows data collected about a single brand across a variety of markets and outlet types (both on- and off-premise), to show where a marketing program was most effective in increasing visibility.

About OnTrac:

OnTrac provides the most accurate, updated view of the on-premise marketplace by observing brands and consumers in outlets. The service gives brand managers the information they need to stock and price competitively, identify expansion opportunities, identify stocking gaps, validate menu and signature drink program success and gain timely insights to improve their retail selling story.

OnTrac covers more than 1,500 outlets around the country, including upscale and casual dining, bars and taverns, hotels and top national chain accounts. Statistics are collected in a number of categories, including stocking percentage, stocking location, menu features, signature drinks, call price and POS material.

Visit www.bevresearch.wpengine.com to learn more about OnTrac and the the products and services offered by BIIG, or email Andrew Esham at aesham@specialtyim.com.


OnTrac Data Example 1

KPI summary for an entire brand portfolio.
Brand% KPI Yes% KPI No% KPI N/A
Brand A45%48%8%
Brand B28%70%2%
Brand C31%66%3%
Brand D13%80%7%
Brand E17%82%2%


OnTrac Data Example 2

KPI summary by market, channel, segment and observation type for a single brand.
MarketChannelSegmentObservation Type% KPI Yes% KPI No% KPI N/ACount of Outlets
Market 1Off PremiseConvenience/Small LiquorDisplay21%75%4%28
Large LiquorDisplay0%100%0%2
Small Premium LiquorDisplay43%57%0%7
On PremiseCasual DiningMenu0%100%0%1
Fine DiningMenu0%100%0%4
Main BarMenu0%100%0%3
Main NightclubInterview71%0%29%7
Premium BarMenu0%100%0%7
Premium NightclubInterview67%0%33%3
Market 2Off PremiseConvenience/Small LiquorDisplay7%93%0%30
Small Premium LiquorDisplay0%100%0%1
On PremiseCasual DiningMenu0%83%17%6
Fine DiningMenu0%100%0%2
Main BarMenu0%100%0%5
Main NightclubInterview0%0%100%5
Premium NightclubInterview0%50%50%2

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