Now Accepting Orders for the 2016 Handbook Advance

The beverage alcohol industry saw another transformational year filled with new trends, rules and regulations, and hot growth categories contributing to an ever-changing landscape. Building upon an already extensive 50-plus year history of producing and distributing beverage alcohol data, the Beverage Information Group presents its 2016 collection of beverage alcohol handbooks.

Handbook-Advance-page-001_largeKicking off the year with the Handbook Advance, the Beverage Information Group provides the industry’s earliest and most complete report on beverage alcohol sales and consumption. This eagerly awaited volume is the earliest report available each year on distilled spirits, wine, beer, and related beverages. As more consumers today cross beverage alcohol category lines, it is important to understand the trends in all three components of the beverage alcohol industry.

Highlights of the Handbook Advance include consumption data by category, sales of leading liquor, wine and beer brands, advertising expenditures, on- and off-premise sales and volume, key market data and more. The 2016 edition will highlight new product introductions by category and brand.   While 2015 was considered a transitional year for beverage alcohol, causing industries to adapt to accordingly to consumer trends, 2016 is sure to build upon this momentum and change. Find out what the end of 2015 brought for the beverage alcohol industry by purchasing the 2016 edition of the Handbook Advance.

The Handbook Advance has become a source of valuable information for industry leaders. Find out by ordering today.


For more information about the Handbook Advance, contact Andrew Sims at or 203-855-8499 x2212.



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