Bartender Survey Provides Unique Viewpoint on Customer Decisions

The latest on-premise data from the Beverage Information & Insights Group includes the annual Bartender Survey, which covers 21 metro markets and includes interviews with nearly 1,000 bartenders and bar managers. The report provides insight into on-premise beverage trends by detailing observations and opinions from the men and women on the front lines.

“We’re able to connect with the people who speak to customers before they buy,” says BIIG Client Services Manager Marybeth Came. “The bartenders see the trends as they’re forming and have a unique viewpoint since they’re in the trenches.”

Short of visiting hundreds of outlets, there’s no way to get this detailed level of information, since it’s based on the opinions and observations of people located across the country. The Bartender survey offers information about year-over-year sales, factors that influence drink purchases, promotional effectiveness and drink trends.

“A big question for our clients is, ‘do customers know what they want when they enter an outlet?'” Came says. “We found that 20% don’t have a drink in mind when they come in, so those people represent an opportunity for brands and can be influenced by bartender recommendations.”

Bartenders report that the biggest influence over drink purchases for undecided customers is recommendations, followed by menu listings, promotions and POS/signage.

“Those factors have trended the same way year over year, so bartender education and brand ambassador programs are key,” Came says. (The Beverage Information & Insights Group also offers custom brand ambassador studies for brands that want to gauge the effectiveness of their programs).


The 2015 OnTrac Bartender Survey also contains key data points like:

  • Consumer profiles
  • Most popular drinks, signature drinks, beer cocktails and dessert drinks
  • Major spirit call brands
  • Emerging brands – spirits, wine and beer
  • Most requested shots
  • Wine and beer sales year-over-year
  • Best selling wine varietals, imported beers and craft beers
  • Total backbar facings by category


The OnTrac Bartender Survey of Consumer Trends is available as a full report from the Beverage Information & Insights Group, priced at $2,750. For more information about the study methodology, bartender questions or purchasing options, contact Marybeth Came at


QandA imageMarybeth Came is the Director of Client Services for the Beverage Information & Insights Group. She can be reached at or 203-855-8499 x216.

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