Distilled Spirits & Wine Encroaching on Beer’s Dominance

Norwalk, Conn., (February 9, 2016) — The beverage alcohol industry continues to build on decades of growth. In 2015, suppliers reacted to changing consumer tastes with new product introductions and targeted promotions. As a result, beer, wine and spirits sales volume outpaced the growth of overall consumer package goods – increasing by 2.16%, compared to 0.2% for CPG. Spirits and wine sales growth outpaced beer, which saw its second straight year of declines, according to the Beverage Information Group’s Handbook Advance 2016.

Premium products led the way in 2015 as consumer loyalty continued to decline and occasion-based buying increased. More than 40% of consumers drank across categories (beer, wine and spirits), creating a huge opportunity for brands to grow share in the $216 billion beverage alcohol market.

Capitalizing on American Whiskey’s resurgence, distilled spirits grew in volume for the 19th consecutive year, increasing by 2.3% to 215 million 9-liter cases. Distilled spirits continued to gain on beer’s leading market share, gaining 6.7 points since 2000. The domestic and international demand for American Whiskeys caused U.S. spirits exports to more than double over the past decade (to $1.56B in 2015). All distilled spirits categories saw growth in 2015 – with the exception of rum, which declined 1.5%.

The wine category saw moderate growth, increasing in overall market share by 0.2% to $80 billion. Several wine categories experienced considerable volume increases, including 1.8% for table wine and 7.2% for sangria, while sparkling wine saw nearly double-digit growth thanks to prosecco. The majority of alcohol consumers cite wine as their go-to option for celebrating special occasions, and wine drinkers continue to trade up to premium brands.

The craft beer boom shows no sign of slowing, with consumers choosing local brews more often than national brands. The growth in on-premise consumption helped launch new products and kept overall beer sales from falling further. Beer remains king of the beverage alcohol market, with about $104 billion in consumer spending in 2015. However, its overall share decreased for the second straight year, by nearly 1% compared to 2014.


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