Explaining OnTrac’s Unique Methodology

The on-premise market is constantly changing, with shifting consumer preferences and high turnover impacting the industry. Brands wondering whether their marketing plans are being executed in on-premise locations have turned to OnTrac from The Beverage Information & Insight Group, to measure the effectiveness of their branding programs.

“The service really provides a read of what the consumer sees when they walk into a bar or restaurant,” says Marybeth Came, Director of Client Services at BIIG. “In addition to collecting information about stocking, average drink price, number of tap handles, backbar merchandising and the like, we can also execute on a deeper level.”

This year, there’s a new focus toward menus for OnTrac. “We’re collecting data on whether a brand is featured or listed as a main ingredient in a cocktail on the menu,” Came says. “And we’re also looking at whether it’s paired with food, and what type of food the location paired that drink with.”

Like with the Bartender survey, custom opportunities exist within OnTrac for brands that want to collect specific information not normally available in the syndicated study.

“Anything we can observe in the bar or ask a bartender can be collected as a data point,” Came says. “One question we asked for a beer client a few years ago was, ‘what brand or type of beer is being asked for that you’re not currently stocking?'”

Custom data also allows brands to track the effectiveness of their promotional programs on-premise. “You can check whether it’s being implemented in various markets,” Came says. “We offer a way to verify compliance without going through a field team, so you get an unbiased viewpoint.”

Using an independent auditor like the Beverage Information & Insights Group offers the benefit of accurate, relevant data. “Using an internal sales team to collect information will never be 100% accurate, even with the best of intentions,” Came adds. “Proprietors know the sales team, who they do business with, and they’re not always comfortable sharing honest feedback. We’ve had clients who run a study using an internal team, then come to us to verify the results because they’re skeptical.”


For more information about OnTrac, visit www.albevresearch.com/ontrac. To inquire about purchasing OnTrac data, contact Marybeth Came at 203-855-8499 x2212 or mcame@epgmediallc.com.

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