The Benefits of the Bartender Survey

The latest on-premise data from the Beverage Information & Insights Group includes the annual Bartender Survey, which covers 21 metro markets and includes interviews with nearly 1,000 bartenders and bar managers. The report provides insight into on-premise beverage trends by detailing observations and opinions from the men and women on the front lines.

Short of visiting hundreds of outlets, there’s no way to get this detailed level of information, since it’s based on the opinions and observations of people located across the country. The Bartender survey offers information about year-over-year sales, factors that influence drink purchases, promotional effectiveness and drink trends.

The Bartender survey reveals trends across the three major categories – what people in the trenches perceive as new and upcoming brands, trendy drinks, up-and-coming varietals, etc… It’s a glimpse into what’s happening at the bar.

Because of the three-tier system, there’s always a need to know what’s going on at point of sale for brands. It’s one thing to get interpretations through a distributor – it’s quite another to get information from an unbiased source who’s talking directly to the people promoting brands on-premise to customers.

The Bartender survey includes information from about 1,000 locations across various channel types – fine dining, casual chain dining, bars, taverns and hotels. The surveys are conducted as an overt study, so bartenders are willingly sharing information because they want to be heard. The respondents tend to be people who are excited about the industry, educated and savvy about the latest trends.

While all the data is available on a syndicated basis, there are also custom opportunities available for brands that want to add specific questions.

Some sample questions from last year’s general market Bartender Survey include:

  • What is the most popular mixed drink?
  • Is your most popular mixed drink a signature drink, and what are the main ingredients?
  • What are your top three call brands?
  • What is your most frequently-requested shot?
  • What is your best-selling wine varietal?
  • What is your best selling domestic/imported/craft beer?

The OnTrac Bartender Survey of Consumer Trends is available as a full report from the Beverage Information & Insights Group, priced at $2,750. For more information about the study methodology, bartender questions or purchasing options, contact Marybeth Came at


QandA imageMarybeth Came is the Director of Client Services for the Beverage Information & Insights Group. She can be reached at or 203-855-8499 x2216.

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