About Us

The Research Division of the Beverage Information Group is the leader in syndicated and custom causal data collection and reporting.  For the past 25 years, we have offered our clients a variety of information services and support, spanning both the on-premise and off-premise channels.

Our services are unique because we are exclusively dedicated to the Beverage Alcohol industry.  Unlike other providers of in-store services, we specialize in only the Spirits, Beer, Wine, Malternatives and Ready-to-Drink/Prepared Cocktails categories.  

Ou syndicated services are designed to provide actionable information at a reasonable price.  These services are conducted in a static panel of stores in a fixed set of metropolitan markets.  Syndicated services are best used to read the marketplace, identify new or emerging trends, and to support tactical and strategic initiatives.  Each syndicated service has a fixed set of metrics but allows the client to select their competitive brand set. 

Our custom audits are designed to be completely flexible and are specifically targeted to meet a client’s unique marketing needs.  All brands, metrics, and outlets are specified by the client and the results of audit are proprietary.  Custom programs can be executed in either the off- or on-premise channels and may focus on specific market segments such as high-image, mutlicultural and general market accounts.

The Beverage Information Group Research offers its clients a variety of tools targeted both at the on-premise and off-premise channels. Whether manufacturer, retailer, distributor or industry expert, we have the right tool to assist you with your sales, marketing and distribution analysis efforts.

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