Custom Studies

In-store audits provide a wealth of information to the brand owner that can only be obtained by making an actual store visit.  Product data such as facings, shelf-space, out-of-stocks, and display execution are just some of the metrics that can be collected.

Custom in-store audits provide additional flexibility over syndicated services by allowing the store sample, brand sets, audit timing, and metrics to be targeted to meet the audit objectives.  Study objectives might include such things as:

  • Verifying sales force and wholesaler stocking and merchandising.
  • Conducting competitive intelligence in key markets.
  • Ascertaining marketing strategy compliance.

The Beverage Information Group has extensive experience working with clients in the design and execution of custom programs. We will guide you every step of the way with insights on such considerations as:

  • Targeting the store list to match the program objective.
  • Selecting meaningful metrics that will provide the necessary insights.
  • Choosing the appropriate channel and outlet types.
  • Determining the optimum number of visit cycles so that change can be measured.
  • Verification of key SKUs, packaging, or labeling.

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