Shelftrac, a quarterly stocking study, provides brand-level distribution, shelf placement and pricing information within 25 metro markets.  Shelftrac is executed in a panel of 1,500 outlets comprised of grocery, drug and liquor retailers, and includes both chains and independents.

Shelftrac is an excellent, cost-effective tool for managing a brand’s distribution performance by observing the shelf presence of flagship brands, line extensions and new competitors.

Audits are conducted in March, June, September and December.  To assure trendability, every effort is made to visit the same stores each period.

Metrics include:

  • Incidence of stocking by size
  • On-shelf pricing by size
  • Number of facings
  • Shelf level
  • Price
  • Share of total category (%)

Participation in Shelftrac is for selected brands or key competitive sets and may be by annual subscription or on a per-quarter basis.

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